Playrooms Overview
We have six unique rooms with their own individual name — Tadpoles, Ducklings, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Ladybirds and Bumble Bees.

Each room has continuous provision on offer and your child is able to settle in at their own individual pace and transition through each of the rooms.

All the rooms work closely together, to create a sense of continuity in your child’s development, with very good transition systems in place. As your child moves into a new room, parents and carers are notified of the move and introduced to the child’s new keyperson.

Having continuous provision supports your child to become familiar with their surroundings very quickly, it meets the children’s needs to the point where they can direct their own play and learning.

All playrooms have details of their planning and activities on display, together with our menu for the week.

Tadpoles & Ducklings

These areas including sensory, creative, construction, books, role play, messy play, water, sand, singing, music and story time.

Butterflies, Dragonflies, Ladybirds & Bumblebees

Continuous provision is more structured and consists of areas including, technology, creative, tactile, sand and water, mark making, book corner, role play, construction, small world, investigation and maths, and ICT.

Interests and Hobbies

In each room planning is based around the interests of the children. Capturing children’s interests and incorporating them into the planning, from our experience, we find children’s learning an enjoyable process and their thirst for more knowledge is evident. We actively encourage parents and carers to work in partnership with the nursery by keeping us up to date with your child’s latest interests and hobbies.

Key Person

Each child has a key person who will support them and their family, communicating with parents about their child’s day and general development. The key person will ensure that each child’s Foundation Stage Profile is closely followed each day, supported with evidence obtained from regular observations, photographs, children’s work and information received from parents and carers.

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