We have a wide and varied range of excellent quality equipment, which helps each baby develop cognitive and sensory skills, hand-eye co-ordination and the beginnings of language development.

tadpoles Babies engage in playful interactions by ensuring a calm relaxed, happy environment, where babies receive quality individual care. We respond quickly to babies needs and they are able to sleep whenever they need to in a warm, comfortable cot, rocker or pushchair, whichever is preferred. Mats and cushions are always available if all that is needed is a nap.

Nappies are changed regularly, and the babies are fed individually and in keeping with their routine. All information about your child’s care, play and learning experiences at nursery, are recorded on the mobile Famly App. The Famly App is shared with parents at the end of the child’s day session.

If required we are able to liquefy prepared meals or parents can bring their own choice of baby meal, clearly labelled, which will be stored in a fridge. We discuss any cultural needs and expectations with parents prior to entry. Babies are fed in clean, safe, low level chairs and soon begin their first experience of eating with their friends. All children have an enjoyable dining experience, whilst being supported and encouraged to eat, either with help or feeding themselves.

The team of carers in both our baby rooms are experienced in working with babies and have been specifically chosen, because of their obvious genuine love of working with very young children. We value having the same staff on a regular rota as this provides stability and familiarity between parents and children. All staff who work with under 2’s are trained in ‘safe sleeping for babies’ with regards to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

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