Based around your child's interests Butterflies offers a more structured program of continuous provision and planning.

butterfliesWith a safe, stable, secure, bright and lively environment, Butterflies encourages your child to explore and express themselves.

Imaginative play is encouraged; observing children engaged in make believe play enables us to gain an understanding of their interests. Imaginative play also stimulates a healthy interest and curiosity in their world.

Sharing toys, taking turns and playing together, help children to recognise and understand the rules of playing together and caring for one another.

Music-time, story-time and outdoor play form a large part of Butterflies daily routine, along with messy play and creative play, which support children to further develop basic concentration and listening skills.

During snack and mealtimes the children are encouraged to eat different types of healthy food and learn the first steps in table manners.

After lunch a separate area is available for children who want to relax or nap. Comfortable sleep mats, pillows and blankets are provided along with a calming atmosphere created by the staff.

All aspects of your child’s day, care and learning experiences will be recorded on the Famly App.

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