Building History
Hackenthorpe Hall was a 17th-century manor house built in 1653. The date stone above the door, the wooden banister and the mosaic flooring are all preserved and still remain.

Hackenthorpe Hall was a 17th-century manor house built in 1653 by John Jermyn and his wife Alice (née Newbould). Their initials as well as the year was carved in stone above the main entranceway.

date stoneThe Hounsfield family of Hackenthorpe are one of the most highly regarded and respected of the old local Hackenthorpe families. James Hounsfield of Hackenthorpe Hall is perhaps the most recognizable name in the village.

In 1875, James Hounsfield restored and extended the building. Although little remains of the original structure, the datestone above the door was preserved and still remains.

James Hounsfield was born in Sheffield on August 31st 1812 to Thomas Hounsfield. In 1845 he married Ann Jermyn Sheppard. Ann inherited Hackenthorpe Hall through her mother Mary Jermyn. Mary was the daughter of John Jermyn and Alice Newbould. Alice’s father John Newbould, together with John Jermyn built Hackenthorpe Hall in 1653.

James HounsfieldJames and his wife are recorded as living at Hackenthorpe Hall by 1864 and in 1875, he completely rebuilt it, leaving only the original stone inscription bearing the initials of John and Alice Newbould, and the date 1653.

James Hounsfield passed away on July 9th 1902, the family crypt can be found in the churchyard, near the entrance to St. Mary’s, Beighton.

Godfrey NewboldSir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield CBE FRS (28 August 1919 – 12 August 2004) was the youngest of five children (two brothers, two sisters). His father, Thomas Hounsfield (youngest son of James Hounsfield) was a farmer from Beighton, and was linked to the prominent Hounsfield and Newbold families of Hackenthorpe Hall.

Sir Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield CBE FRS became an English electrical engineer and shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with Allan McLeod Cormack for his part in developing the diagnostic technique of X-ray computed tomography (CT).

According to the Sheffield Council site, Hackenthorpe Hall was built in 1653 (no further details).

Sheffield Independent, 11 February 1860
To be sold by Private Treaty, the first class Mansion, Hackenthorpe Hall; Also, three cottage houses.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 21 April 1870
Marriages- Hounsfield - Hounsfield. On 20th inst. at All Saints Church, (Sir John Brown's), Sheffield. Thomas, younger son of James Hounsfield. Esq., of Hackenthorpe Hall to Susan, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Hounsfield, Esq., of Springwood House, Sheffield.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 19 July 1893
Mr Thomas Hounsfield remains were yesterday interred in the newly constructed vault in Beighton Churchyard, adjoining the family one.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 15 July 1902
The late Mr James Hounsfield of Hackenthorpe Hall. On Saturday last the funeral of the above took place at Beighton.

According to his will, half the estate went to J. J. Hounsfield and the other half was left in trust to the children of his deceased son Thomas. £106,529 4s 8d gross, £96,823 3s 5d net.

James Jermyn Hounsfield J. P. of Hackenthorpe Hall, buried 19 Oct 1931, Beighton Parish Church.

James Jermyn Hounsfield, bap 14 Nov, 1845 at Sheffield Parish Church. Parents: James and Ann.

1994 building

present history building

Purchased by the Brown family in 1994 began a process of extensive renovation most of which was done by brothers Gary and Paul Brown. When bought the building was completely overgrown with ivy. The photo above is the first stages of redevelopment with external brickwork sandblasted and all ivy removed.

The building was badly fire damaged inside but luckily the main staircase with it’s impressive wooden banister remained intact and on clearing the floor a beautiful mosaic flooring appeared underneath.

The renovation took 5 years and included:

Complete re-roofing of the whole building
Sandblasted the external stones
New windows and doors throughout
Complete internal renovation from rubble walls to painted surface
Widened the entrance and created a car park
Secured the exterior perimeter of the 3/4acre space

In April 1999 ‘Hackenthorpe Hall Nursery’ was born. The Children’s nursery opened its doors to babies, children and their parents under the management of the Brown family, Gary and Emma, Paul and Jemma.

The nursery is now a valued part of the local community and employs over 20 staff.